Forbes Most Expensive Luxury Homes in the World


#2 Bran Castle - $140 million, Brasov, Romania

Once inhabited by Romanian prince Vlad the Impaler, the inspiration for Count Dracula, this castle, built in 1212, sits on 20 acres. The 17-bedroom castle rests on the top of a cliff and offers views across the countryside and surrounding mountains.The current owner, Dominic von Hapsburg, is running the home as a museum.

The castle was built in the late 14th century as a fortress to ward off invading Turks [source: Bran Castle Museum]. The castle boasts 57 rooms, 17 of which are bedrooms, decorated with handcrafted Old World antiques and furniture [source: Concierge]. The property does have its drawbacks, however. There are the 450,000 tourists that visit the castle each year to consider:

The castle has no central heat and gets quite cold. But you'd get to live in the same place where Dracula stayed, which would be pretty cool.


#3 $138 million - Updown Court, Windlesham, Surrey

For a mere $138 million, you can own a cozy 103-room English country home with a panic room, marble driveways and helipads. Larger than either Buckingham or Hampton Court palace, this 103-room home has 58 acres of gardens and woodlands, making it the idyllic English country home for those flush with cash.Several ballrooms and grand entrance ways punctuate this house, which has a panic room, an indoor squash court, bowling alley, 50-seat cinema, helipads, space for eight limousines and a heated marble driveway. Marble bathrooms are nice, but some would say indoor spas, jacuzzis and pools with views of the grounds are better.


#4 $135 million - Hala Ranch, Aspen, Colo.

Until Tim Blixseth finishes constructing his $155 million Montana ski lodge, this 95-acre ranch owned by Prince Bandar bin Sultan bin Abdul Aziz, former Saudi Arabian ambassador to the U.S., is the most expensive in the country. The Starwood Ranch estate boasts a 56,000-square-foot mansion with 15 bedrooms and 16 baths. The estate features several smaller buildings, stables, a tennis court and an indoor swimming pool.

Hala Ranch, is a 95-acre estate built in 1991 for the family of Prince Bandar bin Sultan, the former ambassador to the United States from Saudi Arabia and the home’s only (occasional) occupant.


#5 $125 million - Maison de L'Amitie, Palm Beach, Fla.




In 2004, Donald Trump bought former health care executive Abe Gosman's palace, Maison de L'Amitie, center, at a bankruptcy auction for $41.25 million. With the refurbished version--complete with ballroom, conservatory and 475 feet of oceanfront--Trump is confident the property will move. If the water is too rough on the beach, the property has a 100-foot swimming pool surrounded by gardens.


#6 $100 million - Tranquility, Lake Tahoe, Nevada


Conveniently on the tax-free Nevada side of Lake Tahoe, this 210-acre property is owned by Joel Horowitz, the cofounder of Tommy Hilfiger, who built the property from scratch. The main house has 20,000 square feet of living space, is modeled after a northern European mountain home and has a 3,500-bottle wine cellar. An indoor swimming pool and atrium, as well as a 19-seat movie theater, ensure constant entertainment, even if snowed in.


#7 $100 million - Waterfront Estate, Istanbul, Turkey


The fifth most expensive home in the world is in a somewhat unexpected spot, located on three-quarters of an acre directly on the Bosphorus in Istanbul, Turkey. This residence offers more than 30,000 square feet of opulent living space in 64 rooms, which feature large windows looking to the water. Details include gilded moldings and crystal chandeliers. The mansion has a rare quay that is nearly 200-feet long.


#8  $100 million, Eurasia, Moscow



This sizable property consists of an 11,700-square-foot manor house, two 4,000-square-foot guest houses and a 91,000-square-foot recreation center that has a pool, Turkish and Russian baths; a gym; sauna; and lounges. The property is 15 miles from the Moscow city center.


#9 $99 million, Bishops Avenue Hampstead, London

Just under the $100 million mark--depending on today’s exchange rate--the Toprak Mansion was built by Turkish entrepreneur Halis Toprak.The 28,000-square-foot house has a double staircase and glass elevator.There is a swimming pool with a glass bridge and a Turkish bath for 20.


#10 $75 million, Three Ponds, Bridgehampton, N.Y.

Three Ponds, which encompasses more than 60 acres of Hamptons farmland, is named for its surrounding lakes, but also features its own USGA-rated Rees Jones golf course. Surrounding the main house are 14 gardens, a 75-foot-long swimming pool, golf pro shop, grass tennis court and a guest house. The main house, designed by architect Allan Greenberg, has a great room with a 28-foot-high domed ceiling.



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